Join a livestream event or host your own

Local livestream viewing parties, or as we affectionately refer to them, Points of Light, are a great way to come together in celebration of Love, Peace and Light! To host your own viewing party / gathering, check your local time and then create your event on the map below. All you need is a screen able to connect to the internet. Invite your friends and loved ones and send us photos too so we can share them with other Points of Light worldwide! People in your area that want to participate in your gathering will contact you directly via the email address you provide.

Satellite communities all around the world, including Australia, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, New Zealand, and many in the United States (including Arizona, California, Miami and New York) will be hosting events in their cities and towns. Use the map below to create your own Point of Light or find one to join:

International Franchises Streaming the Event

Los Angeles

Naam Yoga LA in Santa Monica
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Naam Yoga Arizona
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Naam Yoga Connecticut
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Naam Yoga South Florida
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New York City

Naam Yoga New York
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Sao Paulo

Naam Yoga Sao Paulo
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Naam Yoga Praha
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Naam Yoga Piemonte
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Naam Yoga Aotearoa New Zealand
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Naam Yoga Switzerland
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