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CNN Mexico: Interview with Jimena Duarte
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Interview on Shift Network

with Dr. Joseph Michael Levry for Yoga Day Summit


with Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith


June 2015 Radio Interview with Dr. Joseph Michael Levry

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2015 Santa Monica Mirror “Naam Yoga Founder Leads 100,000 People in Meditation” 

The Angle of Independence in Mexico City was filled to maximum capacity on Sunday Nov. 29 during the fifth global meditation for peace led by  Dr. Joseph Michael Levry, global visionary and founder of Santa Monica-based Naam Yoga . Thousands of people overflowed into adjacent streets, as an estimated number of 100,000 people attended in-person and online, making it the largest gathering of its kind in history. Read more

2015 Vanguardia “Thousands of people participated in the massive global meditation for peace”

About 100,000 people gathered this morning in Mexico City and online, for the 5th annual global peace meditation under the guidance of Dr. Joseph Michael Levry, global visionary and founder of Naam Yoga, at The Angel of Independence, creating the largest gathering of its kind in recorded history. 

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VIDEO: Santa Monica Naam Yoga Founder Leads 100,000 People In Meditation

The founder of Santa Monica-based Naam Yoga, Dr. Joseph Michael Levry, guided tens of thousands of people in a global meditation for peace on Sunday, Nov. 29, in Mexico City. The event was livestreamed to unite hundreds of thousands of viewers worldwide in the name of global peace.

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2011 Fox News Latino “Mexico City is set for World’s Largest Yoga Class”

“More than 12,000 people took to Mexico City’s Zócalo, the huge central square usually used for political protests and national celebrations, on Sunday. The throng of yoga enthusiasts was led by Naam Yoga founder Dr. Joseph Michael Levry and engaged in the popular Naam Yoga prayer, a mantra that consists of the prayer of love, peace and light.”


“Global Visionaries, Local Leaders” “…more than 15,000 people gathered at the Revolution Monument in Mexico City to participate in the largest yoga “Superclass,” led by Naam Yoga founder, Dr. Joseph Michael Levry. Dr. Levry’s life and work embody a universal message, one of bringing the world’s spiritual teachings together, revealing their essence and common origin.”

JANUARY 2014 REFORMA “ Yoga with Angel” “Reforma Invaded with yoga”

“Many arrived to the Angel to pray for the city using meditation, exercises and music. Although many of them were not familiar with Naam Yoga, thousands of people gathered to fill the city with light. The rendezvous was at The Angel of the Independence at 8:30 am and even though not all the participants came prepared, this was not an excuse for not sending healing vibes to the city.”

January 2014 Santa Monica Mirror

“A Global Celebration of Love, Peace & Light”  “…this historic event set into motion the powerful healing vibration of Naam Yoga for Mexico City and the world. Estimates from attendees project that numbers were above 21,000. Thousands more from around the world participated through Livestream broadcast.”


2014 Mantra Magazine – “Music and Mantra for Healing”

“When 21,000 people came together this year in Mexico for the Naam Yoga Superclass led by Dr. Levry, a massive healing vibration of love, peace and light was generated. The only intention was to do something positive and good for the earth and all human beings. The event has grown from 1,500 people in 2010 to 21,000 this year. I was there. It felt like a miracle.”


November 2014 LA Yoga Magazine

“Naam Yoga’s Super Class in Mexico City Sets New Record” ”On January 26th, Naam Yoga hosted a record setting gathering at The Angel of Independence Monument in Mexico City. The free Naam Yoga Super Class was attended by nearly 20,000 people in person with thousands more attending around the world via livestream broadcast.”


November 2012 LA Yoga Magazine

“Naam Yoga’s Super Class in Mexico City Sets New Record” “In line with their mission to help the community and encourage self-healing Naam Yoga’s successful gathering in Mexico proves that by cultivating peace within, even the largest rivalries and a country in distress has the potential to unite. Prayer first, and world peace will follow.”


December 2012 Santa Monica Mirror

“Naamathon to Webcast Live Around The World” “Naam Yoga’s use of special mantra (sound current) has a unique and powerful healing impact and when multitudes of people come together the concentrated positive energy increases exponentially. Naam Yoga created a mass healing impact uniting more than 15,000 people in peace last month on Nov. 25 for the world’s largest yoga “super class” of its kind, in Mexico City, led by, Dr. Levry.


Daily Concepts 2014

“Super Om” “15,000 people came together in this global celebration of love, peace and light dedicated peace, community and collective healing. That’s a whole lot of goodness bursting forth into the universe all at once. ”


2012 Yoga Magazine – “World’s Largest Yoga Class”

“Over 12,000 people were led by founder of Naam Yoga, Dr. Joseph Michael Levry in Plaza de la Constitución (Zócalo Square), one of the largest public squares in the world. A signature prayer of all Naam Yoga classes, The Prayer of Love, Peace and Light, was recited in unison to brings its universal message of healing to the world.”