To ensure the Superclass is free and accessible to all, we rely on contributions from people like you. By joining in, you create something greater than any one of us can achieve alone.

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May all of your contributions return to you a thousand-fold.

Other Ways To Give

Every person you invite has the potential to raise the vibrations higher. Host an event, tell your mom, invite your friends. Do what you can to include everyone you know. They’ll thank you later!

Become a Co-Producer

As a co-producer, you are acting, through your skills and talents, as an extension of the Divine to allow the Naam Yoga Super Class for Peace event to take place world-wide. Our goal is to have 70 co-producers each raise $1000 in support of the event. How you raise the funds is for you to decide, but we do have suggestions. You will be supported by a closed co-producers group on Facebook and on Google Hangout (for group chats, idea exchange and any questions you may have).

Ways for co-producers to get resources:

  • Organize Raffles
  • Host Dinners
  • Offer Courses/Workshops letting participants know where their money is going!
  • Organize a Concert
  • Teach Classes
  • Donate proceeds from healing treatments
  • Use your unlimited potential to create your own ideas for resourcing! We trust in your creativity!

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